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We are a regional FMO with national backing and support from JSA (Jack Schroeder & Associates) our NMO.

Owner Tim Altman with Only Medicare Solutions offers a wealth of experience. Tim’s been a licensed agent in Washington since 1997 and California since 1994. Tim’s role as a “Senior Solutions” guru has earned the trust of many seniors and agents he has assisted over the years. Tim’s passion and ability to identify a plan that suits the client’s needs is a key element of his success and his team. One thing he learned early in his career is to focus on one thing that you are good at and like. Medicare is his calling!

Prior to becoming a specialist in senior insurance, Tim worked as a consultant for Mercer consulting, VSP, QualMed, PacifiCare, and most recently, United HealthCare.

In 2011, Only Medicare Solutions became the first company that Regence Blue Shield worked with to launch outside broker distribution channels. Then, in 2012, we became the first company to launch an exclusive FMO pilot program with Regence Blue Shield, which has grown into a successful partnership. The experience, relationships and synergy this has created has been a dream come true! OMS has a goal for each of us to have a voice. The power of team is how we will all succeed.

Medicare Insurance part B


Medicare is our focus for a reason. It’s complex and saturated with choices. No one has to go at it alone. Adding to the confusion are the numerous mail solicitations from insurance carriers, leaving people unsure as to which plan best fits their situation. More importantly, these ever-changing programs require ongoing education to stay current. You only get accessible, fair, and free Medicare solutions with us.

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